Post graduate Training and Masterclasses

In C贸rpore we created this post graduate and Masterclasses program aimed for Core Energetic practitioners and people with a body-work training background. The goal is to offer them the opportunity to enrich their practice by deepening in some central areas of our work: working with human destructiveness, incorporating the new advances of Neuroscience, Trauma Work, etc. into a more effective client interventions, leadership and working with groups, etc.

Our aim is to help them to develop their specialized professional capacity and leadership, based on supporting a deeper personal growth. The program also will provide an opportunity for the participants to explore and learn concepts and practices, which enable themselves to be more present, and support more effectively all the aspects of the inner journey of their clients.

The program will be offered in 5 modules, that are also offered separately as Master Classes. It will start in 2021:

Terapia Psicocorporal - Core Energ茅tica

1.- Module. Erena Bramos.聽Director of the Core Institute of Greece.

DANCING WITH THE LOWER SELF: Welcoming gods, demi-gods, and demons.
Working with the Lower Self from a non-dual perspective of consciousness.
February 11 to 14.

Terapia Psicocorporal - Core Energ茅tica

2.- Module. Dr. Kuno Bachbaurer.聽Director of the CoreConstellations Center in Rockville, Maryland.

CORE ENERGETICS AT THE LEADING EDGE:聽Incorporating Neuroscience, Trauma Work and the ACE studies into more effective client interventions. April 15 to 18.

Terapia Psicocorporal - Core Energ茅tica

3.- Module. Kate Holt. Executive Director of the Core Institute of New York.


Terapia Psicocorporal - Core Energ茅tica

4.- Module. Anna Timmermans.聽Director of the Core Institute of Netherlands.


Terapia Psicocorporal - Core Energ茅tica

5.- Module. Lisa Loustaunau.聽MFA, CCEP, OSC. Served for 8 years as Director of Education at the Institute of Core Energetics in NY.


Time schedule:聽Thursday 10.00 hrs. 聽to Sunday 14:00 hrs.聽We will have聽28 hours聽of Theoretical, practical and supervised work.

Our methodology is based on experience and practice as foundations for learning. Your active participation in theoretical discussion and reflection will be essential, as well as in the experiential activities that promote the development of specific skills. The work includes: analysis of texts, class participation, observation and study of the intervention methods modeled by the teachers and supervised practice.
You will participate in group dynamics and practices in which you will work with relevant themes of your life. Because of the personal contents that this work implies, it is required that all members of the group actively collaborate to create an atmosphere of trust and openness. All participants are required absolute confidentiality.

Cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of core energetics (NICE)

We are glad to announce that this post graduate and Masterclasses program will be carried out in collaboration with the聽Netherlands Institute聽of Core Energetics.

The Netherlands Institute also offers five post graduate modules: 聽October 2-5 (2020); December 11-14 (2020); February 5-8 (2021); April 9-12 (2021); June 11-14 (2021)

You can compose your own post graduate training of five modules by choosing modules offered by NICE and modules offered by C贸rpore.

The way you choose your modules determines where you do your final presentation. If you do most of the modules (3 or more) with NICE in The Netherlands, you finish your training at NICE. 聽If you do most of the modules (3 or more) with Corpore in Mexico, you finish your training at Corpore in Mexico. In C贸rpore you can write your final thesis both in English or Spanish.

Please make clear your choice and plan in the enrollment form.

We are going to have similar standards for certification as the Netherlands Institute.

Please wait for further information to come!!!鈥